No more buying one piece that doesn't work with the rest of your closet or spending 15 minutes putting together one outfit in the morning -- with Collectabl it's all done for you! We are putting together complete looks for you. Each capsule contains cohesive pieces that create dozens of looks. Thoughtful combinations go a long way! For our pre-made capsules, you may purchase the capsule pieces together or separately. 

Each purchase comes with a style guide that details complete outfit combinations you can create with the capsule. You can purchase the items you need to fill the 'holes' in your wardrobe. That way, between your pieces and ours, you can still create all the looks we have curated for you in our style guide. 

The Custom Capsule - The Collectabl Team plans a complete wardrobe for you based on your needs. 

The Basic Collection - Our "back to the basics" Capsule Collection contains essentials for every girl's wardrobe! Each seasonal capsule builds on our basic capsule collection.

The Fall Collection - These pieces are 'must haves' for fall. 7 pieces create 29 looks for fall! If you have the pieces in both the Basic and Fall Collections, you'll have 65 outfit combinations!

The Add Ons - This Collection has layering pieces to polish your looks!

Accessories - Check out our curated selection of accessories. The Collectabl Team chose classic pieces that will last season over season!

Capsule Wardrobes


Why Is Collectabl Different? 

 Collectabl is NOT subscription based.

Our capsules are your answer to a minimalist approach.

Start with our basic collection and build until you feel your wardrobe is complete!

You can see what you get before you buy! Our box contents are not a surprise.

You receive style guides, including hair tips. We make your entire look easy and effortless for you!

Our Professional Stylist takes runway trend to street practical for a timeless fashion. 

We provide everything you need to make a capsule wardrobe you can feel confident in!