Capsule Wardrobes


The Collectabl Team believes ‘less is more’! Let’s learn about capsule wardrobes and how to create one out of your current closet of clothes.


A capsule wardrobe is curated closet created by maximizing the total number of complete looks that can be put together by a minimum number of pieces. Typically, the pieces in the wardrobe have similar color and style schemes. This helps maximize your wardrobe and minimize your closet.


  1. Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate! Get the low hanging fruit out of your closet. If you’re not committed to giving away or selling your clothes right now, that’s okay! Put all the items you take out into a box. Simply place the box out of sight. In 60 days, if you haven’t needed anything from the boxes, it’s time to give away or sell the items. Eliminate anything that:

    1. Doesn’t fit right. Only keep things that fit right now! Do not keep anything that fit you in the past or you think might fit you in the future.

    2. Anything you haven’t worn in three months, unless it’s special occasion clothing like long, fancy dresses.

  2. Make sure you have the ‘basics’.

    1. A Little Black Dress (LBD) that you can dress up or down.

    2. A versatile, casual, cotton dress. Ideally, the dress would either be a solid color or a stripe. This should be a comfortable piece that can be worn over and over!

    3. White tee or black tee.

    4. Striped tee.

    5. Black bottoms. This could be a structured legging, jean, or pant.

    6. Classic dark wash blue denim jeans.

    7. 2-3 pieces of statement jewelry.

    8. Mid-layer, like a black cardigan or jean jacket.

    9. Outer-layer, a heavier layer appropriate for your region’s climate.

    10. Shoes. We think you’ll need:

      1. A flat sandal

      2. Casual shoes you can walk a long distance in (could be a sneaker)

      3. Black pumps

      4. Casual heel (bootie in cold season and wedge in warm season)

  3. Envision the color scheme and style you want to show off. It’s important that your wardrobe tell a style story. Try to keep the color and style themes consistent. Pinterest is a great way to create a style inspiration board.

  4. Eliminate again. Remember, less is more! Our goal is to get you to a minimal number of pieces that go a long way. Get rid of pieces based on the color scheme and style you want to show off. Make sure every item in your closet at least has 3-4 complete looks you can create with it. If you can’t create multiple looks with one piece, it should go. Or be set aside for your few statement pieces.

  5. Assess wardrobe gaps and make purchases when needed. If you can’t create 3-4 completely different looks with each piece, perhaps there’s a piece(s) you can purchase to make more than one outfit complete.

  6. Make yourself an outfit guide. Either write down outfit combinations or create visual combinations with photos. The key to looking polished adding accessories and maybe considering a lip color for that extra pop. In our opinion, a lip color is the easiest way to spice up your outfit and bring in a little more your personal style and flair to the outfit. For every outfit in your guide you need to include:

    1. Key clothing pieces

    2. Shoes

    3. Appropriate accessory

    4. Optional: Lip color

  7. Seasonally, purchase ~5 pieces that are on trend. This season, examples might be an off the shoulder blouse, something with ruffles, espadrilles or tassel earrings. The key is to be able to style each item at least 5 different ways with what you already own. Be able to brainstorm the 5 ways prior to making a purchase.

  8. Use your outfit guide to get dressed!

Collectabl allows you to create your own capsule wardrobe from our curated collection using our formula. Our capsules contain everything you need to create a complete outfit! You can overhaul your wardrobe with Collectabl beginning August 1st! When you subscribe to our email list you’ll receive a free shipping code you can use on your first purchase.

Let us know what questions you have about creating your capsule wardrobe. We’re here to help!


The Collectabl Team