Christina, Larissa, Megan and Meredith are cousins who adopted Chelsey into their family after she moved to Washington in 2012. Chelsey asked Larissa to be her friend (yes, literally) when Larissa was coloring Chelsey's hair on Valentine's Day in 2012. < 3 It was fairly awkward but Larissa showed Chelsey grace and agreed to a double date with their significant others. They lasted through a trip to see the movie Project X and quickly became great friends.

If you know Chelsey, you know she generates potential business ideas more often than Mean Girls is played on TV. Some ideas are much, much better than others, but that's part of the magic. Fairly recently, Chelsey needed a break from full-time work and completing a part-time degree, so she and her husband decided to spend a week on Maui! As soon as Chelsey felt relaxed (this didn't take was in line to check in for her flight), she thought of her next idea and immediately texted 'the girls'. 

At the airport, Chelsey had been researching how to purchase a capsule wardrobe outright, rather than create your own, when she realized other consumers might be wondering the same thing. Upon finding there were no online boutiques to purchase complete capsule wardrobes from, she decided this might be a decent idea. She wanted to find out if the girls would join in on the latest idea and shot off a message. 

When the plane landed Chelsey had several dozen texts waiting for her. Everyone saw the vision and value behind bringing capsule wardrobes to life. The Collectabl Team spent the entire week that Chelsey was in Hawaii defining what the initial idea might actually look like if they turned it into a product. They also dreamed big--what if they could create a company doing what they loved, with who they loved that also empowered other women? 

Looking back, working in fashion and with one another on a venture has been a long time coming for this group. Christina, Collectabl's Fashion Director, is a stylist. She has been getting the group dressed for years and is always talking to them about the latest trend. Christina had officially piqued the team's interest in fashion. Meanwhile, the girls were doing small shoots for personal content. The team sensed something was coming, but didn't know what it was yet. 

As soon as Chelsey arrived back on the mainland, they decided to meet up in person. This is no small feat because everyone is coming from different areas of the greater Seattle area, coordinating child care and work schedules. They spent about five hours at the initial meeting finalizing the mission, the product they hoped to offer (the actual product is surprisingly similar to what the team mapped out that day), roles and a go-forward plan. 

Since then, the team has spent hundreds of hours mapping out the product, meeting with stakeholders and creating content for the upcoming launch. They've sent thousands of text messages about building Collectabl and have learned  about the trials and tribulations of business together.

The Collectabl Team dreams of creating a product that enables women to concentrate on conquering their dreams each day because they're not spending on an enormous amount of time shopping and putting together complete looks. The team knows that fashion can be powerful because it is a part of how you appear, and thus affects how you take on your day-to-day life. Collectabl wants women to feel crazy-confident when they walk out the door daily to change the world.   


The Collectabl Team