The Collectabl Team could not be more excited to give you a sneak peak of our very first capsule wardrobe launch!! On August 1st, we will be launching three products. We've put hundreds of hours into curating our products, and thinking about how our consumers both shop and wear their clothing. We want to give women confidence through hand-picked wardrobes. We're making you look A+ while taking away all the hassle of putting together a complete look! We'e doing all of the hard work for you!

Our first product is called the 'Basic Capsule'. This capsule includes all the basic pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe. We believe all women should start from this point, because these particular pieces give your wardrobe a foundation to build upon. This capsule is the most versatile, meaning it correlates into our other capsules perfectly! It has everything from a white tee to your LBD (little black dress). The Basic Capsule includes 6 items total ($399). 

Our second product is called the 'Fall Capsule'. The pieces in this capsule create some of the most on-point looks for fall. The Fall Capsule has 7 pieces and 23 total looks ($499)! The best part about our Fall Capsule is the look book that comes along with it. The look book shows you every single outfit combination you can make with this box. It will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze! No more trying on three different outfits before you're out the door. 

Our third product is called the 'Fall Add-Ons'. These two items are outwear that complete the Fall Capsule looks, and are definitely must-have this season. If you purchase these items as well, you'll expand your fall look book by 9 complete outfits. 

Our pieces were chosen based on quality (no one wants clothing that's going to fall apart), and sourced from some of the most amazing brands we could find. We're so excited to share the complete looks with you. 

Questions?? Comments? Love the concept? Drop us a line in the comments and we'll get back to you ASAP.  We'd love to hear from you!

If you're as excited as we are about the capsule wardrobe concept, please help us build our brand by sharing on your social media! We are passionate about helping other women conquer their goals by making them feel confident about what they are wearing each day!


The Collectabl Team