Capsule Wardrobes


As young women, the Collectabl Team is passionate about saving as much of our hard earned money as we can. We understand  that hard working women want to look great, but not at the downfall of our savings accounts. Dressing fashionably can cost quite a bit of money, even if you only shop sales racks. When thoughtfully created, piece by piece, we believe capsule wardrobes can save you hundreds of dollars per year

How Capsule Wardrobes Can Save You Money

  • Style one piece many ways. Capsule wardrobes save you money because each piece can be worn in a multitude of different ways. This prevents you from making that one-off purchase that can only be worn every-so-often because it only matches with one other item in your closet.

  • A coordinated wardrobe produces more looks than a randomly put together closet. You can get multiple outfits out of the few pieces in your capsule wardrobe because the items actually work together. New clothing items are simply a waste of your money if they can't be worn multiple ways with what you already have!

  • Time is money. If you purchase a capsule wardrobe, you're done shopping for the season. Period. This saves you from making yet another trip to the mall because you feel like you have nothing to wear (purchasing more items when you're uncoordinated is waste of money), which gives you time for other meaningful things in your life.  You can use this time to make some extra money at your job, or do things like actually cook dinner instead of another night of take-out (another money saver)!

Capsule wardrobes are one of the best investments possible for a fashion-forward woman. Join us in transforming the way you build your wardrobe and save money along the way!


The Collectabl Team