There is nothing better than feeling good about the way you look. We want to make you feel more confident because of your clothing choices so that you can fiercely conquer whatever dreams you’re after day-to-day! We wanted to start Collectabl because all of us were facing the same issues in a different variance and we figured we were not the only ones out there struggling with the same things when it came to fashion.

Our five founders have been friends for over five years and have been there for one another through weddings, babies, graduations and passings of loved ones. Four of the five of us are related in some way and the fifth has been adopted into our giant family. All of us have a passion for fashion, and we’re so excited to start a new journey together as business partners. We believe fashion is personal and we wanted to give you a glimpse into our lives and who we are as individuals and what drove us to create Collectabl.  


Meet Our CEO


I am a proud Texan turned Washingtonian. I’m a serial entrepreneur and a big believer that the idea you wrote down on the scratch pad next to your bed can become your reality. My favorite color is green and I hate those corkscrew parking garage entrances because I get crazy dizzy. I secretly (or, not-so-secretly) love to work a lot, but I’m learning to be more present. My word of the year for 2017 is ‘intentional’. I have a cute husky and even cuter husband. We spend our free time with loved ones and exploring our home here on the west coast. I wanted to start Collectabl because I truly believe it will help women feel more confident as they set out to conquer their dreams. A perfectly put together outfit is a game changer for the way a woman carries herself and the way she handles her business!

Meet our Fashion Director


I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California and currently reside in the Greater Seattle Area with my husband and two crazy kiddos. I am a content stylist, an ex-college athlete, a personal trainer, and a sun worshiper! One of my very favorite things to do is get out on the back roads of the Pacific Northwest and find new and challenging hiking trails to explore! I am an enthusiastic founder of Collectabl because I love putting clothes together. I am used to getting calls, texts, facetimes, and pictures from friends and families asking for advise while shopping or putting an outfit together. To me, it is a form of art and I can't wait to also help women from all over be able to look into their closet and feel confident, pleased, and excited to get ready for the day!


Meet our Director of Customer Experience


I grew up in Puyallup, Washington and have lived within a 45 mile radius my whole life. My friends and family will never see a giraffe without thinking about me and so my collection is quite large.  My husband and I currently live in Tacoma, WA with our dog who we adopted from a no kill shelter. We LOVE to travel and always need to have the next trip on the calendar. I am a color specialist in my sixth year at Gene Juarez Salon and Spa. I believe that my career is a huge part of why fashion is important to me. My clients look to me for fashion advice and to know what the next trends are for hair color and style for the upcoming seasons. In my opinion, hair and fashion work together in perfect harmony. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this company. At the end of the day your hair could look fantastic but, if you don’t have the outfit to go along with the hair, I feel like the look isn’t complete.


Meet our Director of Marketing


I’m a mom who is always leaving my drinks half full chasing after my dreams and my adorable spunky toddler. I almost never get through a meal without spilling, I’m an avid reader, and I am basically allergic to the world. I am a proud Law Enforcement Wife and my little family, including our two fur babies, currently reside in the Greater Seattle Area. You can find us most evenings having a dance party in our living room or snuggled up watching a good movie.  My experience as a cheerleader at the University of Washington, my degree in Mass Media Communication, my jobs in Marketing and Development, and my most recent adventures with real estate  all come together with how I approach my position at Collectabl. I want to help portray how our company can help women live with confidence in their style, that I know I struggle with. I honestly can feel lost sometimes trying to curate outfits and I love the idea of someone else doing it for me! I am passionate about what we are doing at Collectabl and my goal is to keep you excited and coming back for all the wonderful things we have in store for Collectabl.


Meet our Director of Relations


Hi there! I’m a hometown girl currently residing in the Greater Seattle Area.  I’m a free spirit with expensive taste, which is why I still live with my parents despite working a full time corporate job.  I get all my jokes from Laffy Taffy wrappers, I will only ever drink Coca Cola (never Pepsi!), and I live in the most unflattering pair of grey joggers, because comfort is key! I am also obsessed with cats and anything Disney and I am known for sending the best Snapchats. I know it’s been a good day when I can sit down and relax with a glass of red wine while watching re-runs of the greatest show to ever grace network television: The Office.  Here at Collectabl my job is to craft exceptional community and corporate outreach to ensure that we will be your go-to professionals for buildable capsule wardrobes. With my experience in community service programs and having been the president of my sorority, bringing community together is one of the things I am most passionate about.

Our team at Collectabl is passionate about our vision and we believe all of our unique and individual talents and views have helped form something you will love as much as we do! Subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media to get to know us even better. We can’t wait to get to know you! Our first 100 email subscribers will receive a free shipping code for their first order.

The Collectabl Team